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‘Just Ask One’ to Join Scouting

JUST ASK ONE! Help introduce one family to Scouting today! Ask a neighbor or friend with children to come to your meetings and see what Scouting is about. Have your Scouts ask a friend to attend, follow up and sign

Flintlocks Support PPC’s Toys for Tots Program

Every year, the Flintlocks enthusiastically support the Patriots’ Path Council’s Toys for Tots program. The new toys are collected at the Flintlock Building at Camp Winnebago in Rockaway, New Jersey, and then Flintlocks President John Koneski delivers them to the

Transfers Can Now Be Completed Online users can now transfer from one Scout unit to another without having to take a new application into the council service center. On the “My Application” tab on, you can transfer yourself as an adult volunteer or your

Fishawack District Plans Annual Meeting

The Fishawack District Annual Meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, at 7:30 p.m. The Fishawack nominating committee will present a slate of nominees for district member at large. For more info, click here.

Changes to Scoutbook Login Take Effect

Effective October 28, 2020, Scoutbook now uses the same login and password as Here’s how to tell if you are set up for Single Sign On (SSO) login into Scoutbook: If you ARE NOT set up for SSO you

Online Registration Portal to Run Continuously

New members who apply online through the website are normally charged the prorated fee from the current month through the end of the current year. And in the past, National would disable the “Apply Now” button in in

Reporting Community Service for PPC

With the National system for reporting discontinued, we are asking units to report service hours on Scoutbook (for your individual records and advancement) and also via the Patriots’ Path Council app, or via the PPC website by clicking here. The

Camporees Enjoyed by Scouts and Their Families

The Joint Fishawack/Sussex Scouts BSA Camporee was held at Camp Somers on Saturday, September 26. Due to COVID 19 restrictions this was a “daytime only” event, but many troops decided to family camp after the program concluded. In total, 167

Invite New Members to Your Unit Via Virtual Recruitment

A step-by-step plan is now available to guide unit leaders through running a recruitment event virtually. For more information, click here.  

Munsee Holds Membership Carnival

Munsee District held a membership carnival on October 3, 2020, at Ernest Oros Preserve Park in Woodbridge. About 150 people attended, with 41 new youth and their families participating in the day’s activities. A big thank you to Pack and