University of Scouting & program Launch Registration Closes on Feb. 27th

The University of Scouting and Program Launch registrations are closing on February 27th.

If you need a reason to attend:

Six Reasons to attend University of Scouting

  1. Engaging and interactive curriculum designed to help you learn and master additional skills to make you a successful Scout leader.
  2. Receive up-to-date information on the latest Scouting programs and resources.
  3. Get specialized classes from experienced Scoutmasters and other experts in the field.
  4. Network with other leaders and learn best practices on how to lead a successful troop or pack.
  5. Learn new techniques to help you become a better mentor and teacher.
  6. Have fun and make memories with fellow Scouters!

Five Reasons to attend Program Launch

  1. Meet new people: Attending Program Launch is a great opportunity to connect with other people interested in scouting.
  2. Gain leadership experience: Participating in Program Launch provides an opportunity to take on leadership roles in the different committees.
  3. Have fun: Scouting is an exciting and fun activity, and attending Program Launch is a great way to have a good time.
  4. Gain new skills: Learn about the different types of Scouting available and find the right program for you.
  5. Make a difference: Make new friends and create lasting memories. Have fun and enjoy a unique experience.


Sign up now and don’t miss out. Click on the links below to register now:

University of Scouting Registration

Program Launch Registration