University of Scouting: Celebrating 113 Years Of Scouting

Event: March 4, 2023

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Today we celebrate Scouting’s 113th Birthday.

To help Patriots’ Path Council celebrate this milestone, we are ready to open registration for the University of Scouting and Program Launch. These two great events are about making our local Scouting program better.

Every Scout deserves a trained leader. University of Scouting is a great way to achieve that.  Many of our classes are geared toward helping leaders be as successful as possible when running the Scouting program.

Many of our subject matter experts who are presenting are doing so from a place of experience. They are volunteer leaders just like you. The best part of University of Scouting is that you also get to meet other leaders from all over the council. Even our subject matter experts leave the University of Scouting learning something new.

We’re also opening registration for our Program Launch! Be Prepared; these are the words many of us know well from Scouting. Program Launch is our kick-off to the 2023-2024 Scouting year and takes place at the University of Scouting. At Program Launch you have the opportunity to meet and talk with every committee in Patriots’ Path Council that helps support the leaders who provide program to our Scouts.

Take this time at Program Launch, to stop by and introduce yourself to our newly appointed council commissioner, Jay Deboey.

To register for the University of Scouting and pick your classes click here: University of Scouting Registration Link.

Sign up for Program Launch here: Program Launch Registration.

If you would like to learn about 113 Scouts who became famous, you’ll find them here.