Unit Roster Clean-up

Now is the time of year your unit leaders should be focusing on their leadership team moving into the fall to prepare for the recharter season. Getting the right people in place now really helps for a smoother recharter season.


Q) Will any current registered adult’s youth protection expire before December? How can you find out?

A) A key 3 leader can run a youth protection training report under Training Manager in My.Scouting.org


Q) Do you have the right people in the right roles?

A) View your roster in My.Scouting.org…..not Scoutbook, to see who’s officially registered with your unit, and in what position. The charter organization representative and charter organization representative delegate both have access to move people around into the positions they should be in using the position manager tool under organization manager, in My.Scouting.org.


Q) Has anyone left the unit that is listed as an authorized user on your Scout shop unit account?

A) If anyone has left the unit that has access to Application Manager in My.Scouting.org, you’ll want to reach out to your district executive to request these members be removed from your roster.


Q) Has anyone left that has access to Application Manager in My.Scouting?

A) View your unit on www.BeAScout.org to see what information is displayed. If you need to update it, a key 3 leader can do that through Unit Pin under Organization Manager, in My.Scouting.org.


Q) Is your unit pin up to date?

A) For instructions on setting up your unit to accept applications online, or updating your unit pin, click here: Unit Pin Setup and Update here

These are all things you should be reviewing with your committee now.