Flintlocks Help Joe Schott Celebrate 100th Birthday

The Flintlocks celebrated Joe Schott’s 100th birthday on Thursday, February 17, 2022. Joe has been active in this volunteer group for 33 years since retiring from Bells Labs.

He recruited many of his friends to join, and even a few relatives.

Joe is a Navy World War II veteran; he helped prepare the ships for the Normandy Invasion.

Joe has a wry sense of humor, so the group presented him with a parking plaque which reads: “Reserved Parking Only for Flintlocks Over 100 Years Old.”

The picture above shows Joe seated next to the parking sign with a birthday cake in front of him. His Flintlock friends and a few relatives surround him.

The Flintlocks are a group of retired Scouters who devote every Thursday all year-round to helping the Scout camps. They build cabins, make picnic tables, paint the dining hall, do maintenance and build craft kits for the Scout shops.

The Flintlocks represent a wide range of skills, including two electricians, a millwright, carpenters, plumbers, diesel mechanics, police officers and HAVAC, as well as many professionals such as a dentist, two college professors, computer experts, financial advisors, salesmen, etc.

The Flintlocks meet every Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Camp Winnebago in Rockaway. Guests are always welcome.

For information, contact Secretary Dr. D. Michael Hart by email at [email protected]