A Scout is Reverent

February is a special month for the Boy Scouts of America. Not only do we celebrate the founding of an organization that has been in existence for 112 years, but many of our Cub Scout packs have Pinewood Derbies, and Scouts BSA take part in Klondike derbies. In addition, we also celebrate Scout Sunday and Scout Sabbath.

Generally, Scout Sunday and Scout Sabbath celebrations fall on the day of observance the weekend prior to the February 8 birthdate of our Scouting movement.

Along with this year’s religious service celebrations, many of our Scouts and a few of our adult leaders were recognized with their religious emblems presented during these services.

The BSA Religious Emblems Program is a great opportunity to strengthen many of our relationships with our units’ chartered partners, and is a great way for families and their Scouts to connect with their own faith. For more information of BSA Religious Emblems Program, click here.