Hazardous Weather Training is Important Year-round

With ice and snow recently in the forecast, it is an important reminder to ensure there is adequate coverage with individuals in your unit with Hazardous Weather Training.

Please note Hazardous Weather Training is also applicable to any regular day too!

This training is part of the training series to be considered position trained as:

  • Cubmaster and assistant Cubmaster
  • Den leader and assistant den leader
  • Scoutmaster and assistant Scoutmaster
  • Crew advisor and associate crew advisor
  • Exploring advisor and associate Exploring advisor
  • Sea Scouting adult leader

Hazardous Weather Training can be completed through Scouting Learn Center through https://my.scouting.org.

Please note that The National Office recently was experiencing technical issues with the SCO 800 Hazardous Weather Training. At times the course would freeze (not because it was cold outside) and ultimately individuals were not able to complete the course.

After the National technical team analyzed the issue from several sources, it was discovered there is an issue with a vendor plug-in they have used in the past. As a result, National removed the plug-in and uploaded the new course to the Learn Center last week.