Recharter Season is Just Around the Corner

A message from Mike Wellech, council registrar:

Recharter season is coming.

In September, your district executive will send an email out to the committee chairpersons, Scoutmasters, Cubmasters, Venture leaders, Skippers and Explorer Post advisors with information on how to recharter.

So please be on the look out for this; it will arrive before the end of September.

Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  1. is where you’ll find your official roster. ScoutBook is not your official roster. If anyone is missing from your roster, please contact your DE. There may be members on your ScoutBook roster that are not on the My.Scouting roster. Although, the two rosters don’t need to match, your My.Scouting roster is the only official roster and it must be correct. This is also the roster your DE will be using when sending the recharter email. So if the person listed in one of the positions in the second paragraph above is not correct, your charter representative can fix that using the new “Position Manager” in his or her My.Scouting account, under “Menu,” assuming the person taking over as one of those positions above is already registered with the unit. Otherwise get us an adult application, criminal background check disclosure form and Youth Protection certificate ASAP.
  2. There is a new recharter system being tested this year. Instead of going through Internet Rechartering, you’ll be going through Internet Advancement 2.0. We have no information on this yet, but as soon as we do, we’ll get it out to you.
  3. Talk to your adult volunteers that help in multiple units. It’s very important they know where they want to have their primary registration. And it’s also very important all their units know this too. If they are a multiple in one unit, they’ll need to make sure their registration is paid in the other unit.
  4. A youth or an adult that registers using the in October, November or December will be charged for all of 2022 as well. They will show up on your recharter roster, but will not be counted in the total owed for recharter because they will have already paid.
  5. Make sure all adults have updated their Youth Protection Training if it is expiring before January 1, 2022. You can run a Youth Protection Aging Report in My.Scouting.
  6. Units sharing a sponsoring organization also share the same institutional head and the same charter representative. Your institution head in one unit must match all the units. Your charter representative in one unit must match all the other units. Talk to your other units to determine who these volunteers are.
  7. There must be a minimum of five (5) youth in every unit and two (2) of those youth must have their primary registration in that unit. This mostly affects crews and ships that multiple most of their members from the surrounding troops. If your unit has less than five youth, you’ll need to reach out to your district executive for special permission.
  8. Youth over the age of 18 but not yet 21 who have been issued an extension by their district to remain a youth in their troop, or are in a Venture Crew, Sea Ship or an Explorer Post, must be registered as a Unit Participant (troop position), Venture Participant (crew/ship position), and/or an Explorer Participant (Explorer Post position). These positions count them as a youth, but require an adult application, criminal background disclosure form, and their Youth Protection certificate. If they’re already on your roster in these positions, then you’ll just renew them in that same position and no additional paperwork is required. But if they’re on your roster as a youth and need to be changed to one of these positions, then the paperwork already mentioned is required. If they have turned 21 this year, then you’ll renew them but change their position to an adult position and they get counted as an adult.