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Arrowmen Complete Induction into Vigil Honor

On May 15, Woapalanne Lodge celebrated 12 outstanding Arrowmen who completed their induction into the Vigil Honor.

The Vigil Honor, as described by the Order of the Arrow, is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for service to lodge, council and Scouting. Membership cannot be won by a person’s conscious endeavors.

Woapalanne Lodge is proud to share that the 2021 Vigil Class consisted of six youth and six adults:

Youth:                                                                        Adults:

Michael Fowler                                                              George Hemenetz

Will Murray                                                                    Dave McIntyre

Shlok Nayak                                                                    Emil Rufolo

Connor Neuhaus                                                            Mark Spaldo

James Oliveria                                                                Mark Tallmadge

Andrew Van Langen                                                      Les Wu

Congratulations to each of these deserving Arrowmen – and a big thank you to each of them for their years of service and dedication to the Scouting program.

Also, a special thanks to our lodge advisor and Executive Board member Marty Foy and associate lodge advisor and Presidents Council member Bill Stroh for their partnership with our youth leaders.

Simple Fix for Restoring Access to Record Advancement

A note from Mike Wellech, council registrar:

I’m still getting a lot of emails and phone calls about why a volunteer has lost his or her access to record advancement.

It’s a simple fix, but it can only be assigned by a member of your Key 3 (charter organization rep, committee chair, unit leader). This position expires every year and has to be reassigned after the charter is posted by the council.

A Key 3 member can follows the steps below:

  1. Log into
  2. Click “MENU”
  3. Click your unit
  4. Click “Organization Manager”
  5. Click “Position Manager”
  6. Select the “Functional Roles” tab at the top
  7. Click “ADD” under “Unit Advancement Chair”
  8. Select a name from the list. You will only see the names of the registered adult members of your unit.

It may take a day or two for this person to see his or her permissions change in ScoutBook.

If you wish to make it so your advancement chairperson can approve advancements, then click on the unit roster at the bottom of the page, click on “Connections Manager.” Click his or her name on the left and make sure he or she has at least “Edit Advancements” rights selected.

Black River District Holds Fun Festivals

This past weekend, the Black River District hosted two Cub Scout fun festivals to recruit new youth into local packs, and to showcase the fun Scouting has to offer. Twenty four new interested Scouts and their families attended.

On May 21 at Redeemer Lutheran Church, packs and troops from Roxbury and Mount Olive townships set up activity stations, including model campsites, campout cooking demonstrations, sand art, and corn toss games.

On May 23, packs and troops from Basking Ridge set up activity stations, including first aid demonstration, knot tying, and Pinewood Derby racing.

At both events, interested youth had fun with the inflatable BB range, Backyard Bass fishing activity, and building and launching stomp rockets.

Roxbury-Succasunna units participating in the May 21 event were Troop 159, Pack 159 and Pack 54, and Flanders Troop 156 also participated.

Basking Ridge units participating in the May 23 event were Troop 54 Liberty Corner, Troop 351, Troop 555 boy and girl troop, Pack 54 Liberty Corner and Pack 55.

Pack Camping Returns at Spring Camporee

Pack camping returned to Patriots’ Path Council on May 22-23 as packs from the Sussex and Fishawack districts held a spring camporee at Winnebago Scout Reservation.

Activities included BB, archery, rowboats, obstacle course, Cubmobiles, fishing and bouldering wall.

One hundred twenty-one Cub Scouts attended, and the total attendance with parents and siblings was 276.

Watchung Mountain Cub Scouts Enjoy Camporee

The Watchung Mountain District Spring Cub Camporee was held the weekend of May 14-16, 2021, at Winnebago Scout Reservation.

There were 332 attendees from 13 Cub Scout packs.

In addition to a variety of activities, the day featured a Scout earning a free week at camp for catching a 15-inch Largemouth Bass.

Special thanks to the Flintlocks, who assisted the Cub Scouts in building 53 birdhouses.

Raritan Valley District Holds Recognition Breakfast

On Saturday, May 22, 80 members of the Raritan Valley District joined together to celebrate the hard work in 2019 and 2020 of their adult volunteers.

There were 34 Hero certificates awarded, and 25 awards presented including seven District Awards of Merit. Mike O’Shea received his 50-year service pin, and Tony Sarao  received his 75-year service pin.

The event was held at Duke Island Park in Bridgewater, allowing everyone to gather safely. It was great to recognize the outstanding work of the volunteers, enjoy some good food, and see each other in person. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you for all your hard work to make Raritan Valley District great.

PPC Chess Club Continues to Grow

Patriots’ Path Council has been hosting online chess tournaments for Scouts monthly since the onset of the pandemic, and more than 1,700 games have been completed.

Chess, already a popular pursuit among Scouts (the second most popular merit badge not required for Eagle), has seen a real boost this year.

Players of all skill levels compete in these tournaments in a safe and friendly online environment. A live Zoom call is hosted during the tournament where Scouts can meet and chat about their games, get help with any technical issues, and review their play with adult advisors and Chess merit badge counselors.

The Patriots’ Path Council Chess Club now boasts more than 40 members, and averages about 15 players at its monthly online tournaments on on the fourth Saturday of each month at 9 a.m. The club recognizes the top finishers in each month’s tournament with a certificate. Future ambitions include additional monthly meetings for instruction, socializing and friendly matches – and of course, a return to over-the-board competition when conditions allow.

The game of kings has long dovetailed perfectly with the Scouting program, teaching concentration, critical thinking and sportsmanship, and Patriots Path has had great success extending it online. This has provided an 85-point increase in its average chess rating!  New members are always welcome – sign up here, or contact Tom Andrea at [email protected].

Update Email Addresses in ScoutBook

If you’ve noticed in ScoutBook that your email address has changed to [email protected], it generally means that when your account was synced to ScoutBook from ScoutNet, there was another ScoutBook account already utilizing your email address.

This very likely happened because when your son or daughter was registered, they were using your email address. Then when you decided to join at a later date, you are using the same email address as your child.

If you have not accepted the invitation from your admin yet, they can change this email address. If you have already accepted the invitation, you can change your and your child’s email address yourself.

To fix this follow these steps:

  1. Log into Scoutbook
  2. Click on your child’s account
  3. Click on your child’s “Edit Profile”
  4. At the bottom of the page, click “Invite.” You’ll need to provide an email address for your child, so for now use your own if it isn’t already in there (you’ll correct this in the following steps)
  5. Log out of Scoutbook
  6. You’ll receive an email from Scoutbook with instructions to log into your child’s account
  7. Log in to your child’s account. Now that you’re here, change your child’s email address from yours to theirs.
  8. Log out of Scoutbook
  9. Now log into your own ScoutBook account and change the email address from the [email protected] to your own email address.


Member Transfers Can Be Done Through My.Scouting Portal

A reminder from Mike Wellech, council registrar:

Last November, National updated the portal to allow units to transfer members without submitting applications. Transfers cannot not be done using, or ScoutBook. This will usually create a duplicate profile and is a headache to resolve down the line, plus data and records are sometimes lost when trying to complete a merge due to this type of error.

An adult volunteer can transfer themselves or their child using the “My Applications” tab in the portal.

Unit leaders can transfer youth out of their unit by going to the “Roster”’ feature in “Member Manager” and “Organization Manager,” and selecting the youth who need to be transferred out, then clicking the “Transfer” icon. This will create a transfer application that will be sent to the new unit with the ability to be approved in “Application Manager.” Transfers typically take up to 48 hours to sync with the new unit.

Now for some exciting news: Charter representatives and charter representative delegates are now able to change the positions of anyone in their unit without having to submit an application to council.

The CR or CR delegate logs into his or her profile, clicks on “Menu,” clicks on the unit their volunteer is looking to change positions in, and then clicks on “Organization Manger,” and finally “Position Manager.”

In “Position Manager,” the CR or CR delegate will see all their registered adults for that unit. To change positions, it’s as simple as clicking and dragging. Something to note however: if they’re trying to move someone into a position that only allows one registrant, i.e., the Scoutmaster or committee chair positions, they’ll need to move the current person out in order to open the field up to allow the new person to move in.

It is unsure how this is affected if the youth protection of the person they are changing positions for has expired since the charter was posted.

The charter representative will not be able to change positions of themselves or their executive officer. This still requires an adult application to be completed.

In this article I’ve mentioned the charter representative delegate. This is a functional position National created last summer to assist the CR in accepting online applications, but it basically has all the same powers as the CR. Because of the responsibility of this role, the CR is the only person who can choose the CR delegate. This is not a required role, but it certainly helps those units whose charter reps are not always available.

To choose a CR delegate, the CR follows the steps above to get to “Position Manger” and selects “Functional Roles.” Here they’ll see six different functional roles. They would click the plus sign for the CoR Delegate field, and then select the person they’d like to make the CR delegate. This change can take up to 48 hours to sync.

Note: The number or numbers next to each position informs you of the total number of people allowed for that position. If it’s unlimited, it will only give you one number referring the number of people you already assigned to that role, or zero if none are assigned. The CoR delegate position only allows one person assigned.

Black River Cub Scouts Enjoy Fun Day at Camp Somers

On Saturday, May 1, the Black River District held its spring Cub Scout Family Camporee Fun Day event at Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation, Camp Somers.

Over 400 Scouts, siblings and parents enjoyed a day of shooting sports, fishing, disability awareness, knot tying skill development and nature hikes around Frenchie Pond.  The weather was spectacular, and smiles were seen on every young face. Packs gathered at Council Point to safely end the program day performing Scout skits and songs. The fishing program offered a free week at camp to the lucky winner of an 18-inch bass caught at the Somer’s dam.

It was great to see Black River’s youngest Scouts and their families back in camp in a safe and enjoyable environment as they continue their journeys in the Scouting program.