Non-Registered Adults Removed From ScoutBook

As of April 12, all adults who are not registered as a member in the BSA will have been removed from your unit’s Scoutbook adult leader roster.

This does not affect parent connections to their Scouts. Parents will still receive unit messages and have access to their Scouts as they do today.

If you notice adults now missing you thought were registered, please reach out to your district executive.

If you have questions about this change, you can ask them on the Using Scoutbook forum.

On the unit roster in Scoutbook, unregistered adult leaders will appear having a yellow triangle with an “!” next to their name. Often this is caused by the wrong BSA member ID in their Scoutbook profile. This can be changed by the user with Manage Member ID at For assistance, contact your local council or ask on the volunteer forums:

Note: Some executive officers (IH) may have an unregistered indicator next to their name because of how they are included in a unit’s registration. Even though they have an indicator, they will not be removed.

Note: Unit leaders can find correct member IDs in the Roster Tool at or by contacting your local council.

If someone thinks they are registered in the unit and their name on the Scoutbook unit roster has a triangle on it, they probably are not registered correctly, and they should have their unit committee chair check the unit roster in If they are not on it, contact the council registrar.

A common problem that would cause the caution icon to appear next to a leader’s name is that the leader’s member ID in Scoutbook is not the same as the one he or she is registered under. The leader should find out his or her official member ID as it appears on the unit roster in (the unit committee chair can find that), click on the menu in the upper left, then select manage member ID and add the correct member ID and make it primary.

Note: The connections between unregistered adults and Scouts are now limited to View Profile or View Profile and View Advancement. Only View Profile or View Profile and View Advancement connection types will be allowed for new or edited connections between unregistered adults and Scouts. All current connections between unregistered adults and Scouts, with the exception of parent/guardian to their own Scout, have been changed. Parents/guardians will continue to have non-revocable full control connections to their Scouts.