Only Complete Adult Applications will be Accepted

A Reminder from Council Registrar Mike Wellech:

We’re no longer accepting adult applications that are incomplete.

If an adult application is handed to a district executive, Scout shop associate or any other employee, and is incomplete, they have been instructed to hand it back to the person to have it completed and then bring it back.

As long as the unit has the application, it will be more aware this volunteer is not registered. If we take it, and possibly put it in our error file, the unit will be under the assumption that volunteer is registered. When recharter season comes back around, too many of you are asking why you’re missing volunteers, and then it’s a rush to get the volunteer’s error fixed and on the charter so the unit processor can complete the charter renewal.

A completed application consists of the following:

  1. Main page with the contact information
  2. Social Security number
  3. Answers to questions 1 – 6a-f
  4. Initials above the volunteers signature line
  5. Signatures of the volunteer and the charter representative
  6. Position
  7. Criminal background check disclosure form
  8. Certificate proving Youth Protection Training is valid