Fishawack District Holds Klondike at Camp Somers

On March 20, the Fishawack District Klondike was attended by 180 Scouts BSA and 40 adults at Camp Somers.

To reduce any chance of COVID-19 transmission, everyone wore masks, sleds were omitted, and Scouts remained in pods.  Teams of between four and six Scouts visited eight stations spread out at two adjoining campsites.

Sixteen junior teams and 20 senior teams participated, demonstrating their skill in fire building, map and compass, first aid, pioneering, nature, Scout lore and shelter building.

The results:

Junior Division

First place – Team 9-J1 from Troop 280

Second place – Team 12A-J1 from Troop 41

Third place – Team 12B-J1 from Troop 69

Fourth place – Team 3A-J1 from Troop 8

Fifth place – Team 3B-J1 from Troop 8


Senior Division

First place – Team 3B-S2 from Troop 8

Second place – Team 5B-S1 from Troop 173

Third place – Team 3B-S1 from Troop 8

Fourth place – Team 5B-S2 from Troop 173

Fifth place – Team 6B-S1 from Troop 280