Be Sure to Report Community Service Hours

All community service hours should be reported on Scoutbook (for your unit’s records) and through the PPC app or website.

Hours can be reported at any time during the year, but must be reported by December 31.

Below are hours that should be reported:

Scouts: Hours that are part of a unit project, Eagle Project or an individual project.

Adult Leaders: Hours that are part of a unit project or Eagle project. This can also include hours spent planning a service project/driving donations collected.

Hours for siblings and other adults that help a unit project or Eagle project should be counted as well.

The following hours do not count for service for your unit:

Adult Leaders/Adults: Hours for planning Scout events/activities/meeting, and volunteering for non-Scout events (such as volunteer firefighter, EMT , sports coach, PTA, etc.).

To report hours you will need:


Project Description

# of Scouts

# of Youth non-Scouts

# of Adult Leaders

# of Adults

Total Number of Hours

For any questions on community service, go to this link to find your community service chairperson.