Black River Klondike Draws More Than 300

On January 30, the Black River District Klondike Derby was held at Winnebago Scout Reservation. Over 300 Scouts and their leaders enjoyed a beautiful, Artic-cold sunny day with enough snow on the ground to pull sleds and add to the feeling of a traditional Klondike.

Although the Scouts were confined to their sites during the day due to COVID-19 restrictions, everyone had a great time practicing their Scout skills and competing in a friendly way. Troop leaders acted as the judges, or mayors,  for their patrols.

This year’s Klondike was a critical program event the Scouts needed more than ever to get them outdoors to practice Scout skills, and provided a much-needed escape from growing COVID-19 fatigue and virtual Scout meetings.

Special thanks to Klondike team members Larry Gersten, Howard Gordon and District Chairman Dave Curtis, who adjusted the program content and agenda to meet current COVID-19 restrictions. The Black River District also would like to thank the following for their support of the event, and assistance with parking logistics and temperature checks at arrival, including Council Commissioner Archer Jones, District Commissioner Howard Wolkow,  and DOC members Jay Deboey, Pete Mullaney, Beth Draper, Mary Ann Simonenko, and Bill Stroh, who served as EMT for the day.