Be Sure to Designate a Primary Unit for Registration

A Reminder from Council Registrar Mike Wellech:

As a reminder to everyone, you can register in as many traditional units as you’d like, but you only pay once, annually.

As the volunteer participating in multiple units, it is your responsibility to communicate with each of your units your decision on which will be your primary unit, and which will be your multiple unit(s).

Your primary unit is where you will have your paid position, whereas your multiple units are where you will be free.

Although this is your choice, the units need to know this information so they can register or renew you properly on the recharter.

If we receive two charters that both have you marked as a primary, we tend to look at your current registration and follow that pattern.

If we receive one charter that has you marked as a multiple, but your primary unit hasn’t submitted its yet, we wait for the second charter to arrive and process them together so we can confirm you are paid in that second unit.

Charter Fee Reminder:

We’re still getting units overpaying their charter by $75, which is a sign many units are paying what they see online and not using the calculator provided on our website.

For those of you who have not submitted your charter yet for the 2021 renewal, please keep in mind the council pays the $75 annual charter fee for our traditional units (traditional units do not include Explorer posts). Paying what you see online will make you overpay. Use the fee calculator we provided on our website at to calculate the correct fees.

For those units who do overpay, the overage will be refunded to your Scout Shop accounts.

The only exception to council paying the $75 charter fee is when the unit has less than five (5) paying members. When this occurs, we must adjust the charter payment by taking out the $18 per person activity fee (reducing the youth registration from $96 to $78 and the adult registration from $72 to $54) and include the $75 annual charter fee. This affects a small handful of units each year, and they’re usually crews or ships because most of their members are multiples in from a troop.