Online Registration Portal to Run Continuously

New members who apply online through the website are normally charged the prorated fee from the current month through the end of the current year.

And in the past, National would disable the “Apply Now” button in in December to force new members to use paper applications, so they’re not lost in the renewal process.

As of November 1, national has updated the billing system to charge the youth or volunteer the adjusted amount through the end of 2021, allowing the online application portal to run continuously through the recharter season without pause.

When your recharter processor works on the unit’s charter, they will not see the new youth or adult listed to be renewed. But once the registration department posts the charter, the new member will automatically be pulled in.

Many members added to the unit toward the end of the year are missed on the renewals for the following year because the unit has already started to process its recharter. This is a great update to help minimize these mistakes.