Membership Fees and Recharter Reminder

An announcement went out last spring announcing national’s membership fee increase. This is just a reminder that on August 1, 2020, the increase went into effect.

The current price to register an adult:

Traditional unit: prorated $72

Explorer Post: prorated $54

The current price to register a youth:

Traditional unit: prorated $96 + the non-prorated $25 new youth joining fee.

Explorer Post: prorated $54

This new youth joining fee will be excused if the youth has ever been registered with the BSA. If the prior registration was with our council, we’ll have a BSA ID number for him or her. If the youth is from another council, he or she will have to supply us with that information in order to be excused from paying that new youth joining fee. A gap in registration will not prevent you from having to pay the new youth joining fee.

If your unit is set up in the BeAScout website to accept online applications, the portal now charges the correct national and council rates. When applying online, the family or volunteer will be required to make the payment immediately using a credit card in order to submit the application.

For more information about the online application portal and the BeAScout website, please click this link:

2021 Recharter

On October 1, an email was distributed to all committee chairpersons, Scoutmasters, Cubmasters, Venture advisors, Skippers, and Explorer advisors. The email included the access code to allow access to the recharter portal ( and this link to help you renew your charter. Please reach out to your district Key 3 if you have any questions.