2021 Recharter Season is Fast Approaching

Hello unit leaders and committee chairs. Believe or not, the annual recharter season will soon be upon us.

Current Roster:

First things first: review your current roster as soon as possible. Do it even before you receive the recharter packet. Confirm it’s correct. You can do this by logging into your https://my.scouting.org account…click on MENU…click on your UNIT…click on MEMBER MANAGER.

If you’re missing anyone you think should have been renewed last January, or should have been registered sometime throughout this year, please reach out to us. We have a lot of adults in error due to missing paperwork from the 2020 charter renewal and throughout the year.

Recharter Email:

By late September, all unit leaders and committee chairpersons will have received an email with their unit’s access code and further instructions to assist in the renewal of your unit. Each code is unique to your unit and resets every year. You will not be able to use last year’s code, and your unit’s processor must log in using the new code as a first-time user, regardless of whether they were the processor last year.

Each unit should select a recharter processor who will be responsible for processing the unit’s recharter. This processor will gain access to the recharter portal on October 1, but will not be able to submit the charter until November 1. The portal allows only one username and password to be assigned, meaning only one person in the unit will have access to the portal.

Youth Protection Training:

You may recall, two years ago National updated the Youth Protection Training course and required all our registered adults take the new course before the end of 2018. This now results in the YPT for most of us expiring by the end of this year. So please make sure your adults have updated their youth protection. You will not be able to process your recharter with any adult having an expired youth protection.

National and Council Fees:

The National office has now updated the online recharter portal to include all council fees along with its own fees. If you pay using a credit card, whether online or in person, you’ll pay the correct amount, however, there will be a 3% transaction fee charged for the use of a credit card. You can opt to pay using an e-check, your unit account, or by check in person to avoid that additional 3% credit card processing fee.

Additional Disclosures and Background Check Authorization Form:

Late last year our national office updated its criminal background check policies and required all new and existing adults to sign and submit the additional disclosures and background check authorization form to be registered or renewed for 2020. Please make sure anyone joining, or any youth turned 18, submit the new form. We have a lot of pending errors from the 2020 charters from adults missing that form. Please review your current roster to confirm everyone is registered correctly.

Any questions about the re-charter process can be directed to your unit commissioner or your district executive.