Plan a Scavenger Hunt for Cub Scouts

Cub Scout leaders are facing some challenges in recruiting new Cub Scouts.

With that in mind, Patriots’ Path Council wants to encourage packs to bring in as many members as they can.

Click here for a plan to run a scavenger hunt for your pack that offers one activity that could attract families of Cub Scout-age children. It will be simple to run and can happen despite social distancing.

Patriots’ Path Council will help with:

  • flyers to promote your scavenger hunt
  • setting up an online registration so you have contact info for all the families that participate
  • providing a small prize for everyone who participates and a larger prize to raffle off
  • providing onboarding packets at your hand-in containing Adventures in Cub Scouting booklet, mini-Boys’ Life and youth application
  • providing the attached template of the scavenger hunt scorecard. You can edit this if you want youth to find different items or visit some landmark in your town. On the day of your scavenger hunt, at a set time, you will email the scorecard to everyone who has registered.