Popcorn Sale Moving Forward

2020 is an unprecedented year in popcorn sales. We couldn’t predict this virus and we can’t know what’s coming next. But we are a committed and resilient nation. We are persevering and finding ways to continue supporting our communities together.¬† And Patriots’ Path Council is here to support your show & sells and take orders in adherence with evolving state and¬†Scouting guidelines.

CAMP MASTERS is also helping adapt our 2020 program to protect all families. They are strengthening our commitment to online selling, introducing new ways to promote popcorn, and adding some delicious new products to our offering. Plus, every online order now ships free to customers.

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We have a unique opportunity to teach our Scouts about uniting in the face of adversity. To not stand in fear of massive change, but to lead their community through it. Most importantly, we are preparing them for a world where resilience is their greatest asset.