Community Service Opportunities Still Available

During this difficult time many people are looking for ways to help. As Scouts and Scout families, we want to do a good turn. Many ways that we have traditionally helped are not possible right now, but you can still help while following the safe Scout guidelines as well as local and national guidelines.

Food Banks: Many food banks are not accepting drop-offs, but they are accepting online donations, and some are accepting delivered groceries. When restrictions have lifted many food banks will be depleted and looking for donations. You could tentatively plan and notify your unit that you will be collecting at the first in-person den meeting, pack meeting or troop meeting.

Helping Elderly Neighbors: You can call to check on your neighbors or talk to them from a safe distance. If they need groceries and your family can help, it would help keep them safer since they are at a high-risk group. You could even set up an online account and have food delivered to them since many may not have computers. With permission you could do some yard clean-up.

Be Kind: Delivery drivers are making sure that items that we order are being delivered. Consider leaving them some goodies to take when making a delivery to your house and a thank-you note.

A few years ago, the Kindness Rocks Project was a viral trend where people, commonly children, painted rocks and put them out in the community. You could surprise a neighbor by leaving a painted rock in their yard.

If Scouts have younger cousins or friends, they could help with homework or read a book to them via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc. Everyone must follow BSA youth protection and BSA social media guidelines.

If you have any ideas on how to help or hear of any family or community outreach program needing help, please contact Linda Cummings, PPC community service committee chairperson, at [email protected].

If you are doing any service, please send Linda pictures so she can share them with our Scouting family. Pictures cannot include any Scouts’ names