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Meet the Flintlocks

The Flintlocks are a volunteer group of 26 retired Scouters who work at the camps every week all year-round. They provide 5,000 hours of work every year and have built almost everything you see at the camps. Most of the members are Silver Beavers. They also volunteer to help run to the various council programs.

Last year the Flintlocks obtained a grant and built and equipped the Allamuchy STEM Lab at no cost to the council.

The Flintlocks Celebrate Joe Schott’s 98th Birthday

Joe Schott, who has been volunteering with the Flintlocks for 29 years, recently celebrated his 98th birthday. The Flintlocks, BSA, Inc., are 26 retired Scouters who are incorporated as a 501c3. They help build and maintain structures at the Patriot Path Council camps. Members work out of the shop in the first building at Camp Winnebago every Thursday, but they provide support to Allamuchy and Sabattis as well. The Flintlocks also make craft kits for the Scout shops. Joe has an ironic sense of humor. For example, why would you need a sign that says “Dry Paint”?

Congratulations to the 2019 Winners of the Community Service Award for Patriots’ Path Council

Winners are chosen with the highest amount of hours for the year and the highest average hours per Scout. So a unit may be the winner in one or both of the categories.

Each winning unit will receive a patch for each Scout and a streamer for its flag.

Congratulations and thank you for doing your good turns from the PPC Community Service Committee.


Black River

Pack 45       5.15 hours per Scout

Pack  147    194 hours

Troop 336    1960 hours/217.78 hours per Scout



Pack 40    401 hours/5.08 hours per Scout

Troop 79   69.00 hours per Scout

Troop 8     1691 hours

Crew 314   727 hours /363.50 hours per Scout



Pack 145    1345 hours /22.95 hours per Scout

Troop 23     53.55 hours per Scout

Troop 145   1613 hours


Raritan Valley

Pack 96     310 hours/6.20 hours per Scout

Troop 12    1345 hours

Troop 41    30.78 hours per Scout



Pack 183    1017 hour/13.93 hours per Scout

Troop 85     2333 hours/66.66  hours per Scout

Crew 85     123 hours/24.60 hours per Scout


Watchung Mountain

Pack 177    1630 hours/21.45 hours per Scout

Troop 73     3638 hours/72.76 hours per Scout

Raritan Valley Community Service at the Klondike

On February 1, 2020, Raritan Valley held its first winter clothing drive at the Klondike. Thank you to Dave Robbins for hosting and to everyone who donated to the total of 543 winter items collected.   The items were donated to SHIP in Somerville and the VA Hospital in Lyons.  They were so appreciative of our large donations.

Munsee District Community Service at the Klondike

During the Klondike held on February 8, 2020, we had almost full participation in the food drive and collected close to 1,600 food items that were split between four local food pantries.

We also collected 299 pairs of socks.  All the women’s and children’s socks went to Turning Point shelter in Irvington. The men’s socks were split between two shelters in Irvington and Newark run by Urban Renewal.  These shelters were very grateful and touched that we thought of them and said the socks will be very appreciated by their clients.