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Developmental Learning Center Raingutter Regatta

On Wednesday July 17th, 50 Scouts from the DLC in New Providence participated in their annual Raingutter Regatta hosted by the Patriots’ Path Council, BSA. The weather was perfect, and all the students and staff had a wonderful time.

Upcoming Events

Black River

The Black River Cub Scout Fall Camporee will be held on the weekend of Sep. 27-29, 2019 at Winnebago Scout Reservation.  The camporee is loaded with outdoor fun including BB guns and archery, special dinosaur program, special program for AOLs, apple cider and more.  Cost for the camporee is $18.00 for all participants age 5 and older (4 and under are free).  The optional Saturday evening dinner will be $8.50 and breakfast Saturday and Sunday will be $5.00.  Registration will open soon, go to and then go to the Black River Calendar.



The Fishawack Cubelos and Webelos Adventure is scheduled for the weekend of Oct. 19-20 at Camp Somers and Camp Wheeler.  As always there will be plenty of activities to keep Scouts and their families busy.  BB guns, archery, backwoods engineering, fishing, first aid skills, boating, flag courtesy and many more. A special program will be available for Webelos and AOL Scouts at Camp Wheeler in the afternoon.  Cost for the event will be $15.00 with optional dinner at $8.50 (4 and under are free).  Registration will open soon at and then go to the Fishawack calendar.



The Sussex District Cub Scout Fall Camporee will be held on the weekend of Oct. 11-13, 2019 at Camp Somers.  Activities will include BB guns, archery, backwoods engineering, bouldering wall and much more.  Cost for the event will be $15.00 with an optional Saturday dinner at 8.50 (4 and under are free).

Regional Cub Scout Day Camp: Johnson Park

Scouts learning about the American Revolution at regional Cub Scout day camp in Johnson Park’s East Jersey Colonial Village.

This is a great place for your pack, den, troop, crew or post.


Note: You no longer need a unit ID number to access internet advancement.  Instead, you will access the system using your username and password.  To access internet advancement 2.0, you must be registered as a member of the Key 3 of your unit (committee chairman, charter representative, cubmaster/scoutmaster) or be designated as a unit advancement chair or Key 3 delegate.  To be designated as unit advancement chair, or Key 3 delegate, a member of your Key 3 must log in to their own account and add you as such, by finding ‘Organization Security Manager’ under the ‘Menu’ button.

Steps to enter in advancement

  • Go to and enter in your user name and password. If you don’t remember your user name and/or password call 972-580-2489.  This is the National volunteer helpline and they will help you.  Unfortunately, we do not have access to your password.
  • Once you are in, click on the drop-down menu on the left side of the and select “legacy web tools.” Under legacy web tools, select “internet advancement 2.0.” This will bring up a new screen.  Sign in using your credentials.  A small tutorial will come up to help you navigate the new system.  You can go through this or click out of it.
  • You will see a roster of the boys that includes their member number, age, and current rank. Select the youth you want to enter in the advancement for by checking the box next to his name.  Select “record advancement” on the gray bar on the right-hand side.
  • A new window will open. Select the type of advancement under the drop-down menu.  For example, a Cub Scout belt loop or adventure pin will be found under “adventures.” Then select the advancement item you are entering in.  There are small pictures next to each different advancement.  If you have multiple awards to enter in for a youth, hit “save and approve another.” After you are done with a youth’s advancement, hit “approve and finish.” If multiple youth have earned the same award, select each youth on the roster you are entering the award for, and then select the appropriate advancement.
  • Once you have finished entering your advancements, click on “run report” located on the gray bar and then select “advancement report.” A new window will open, detailing the advancements you have entered and their estimated cost at the Scout Shop.  Click on “generate report.” A new window will open with your report.  Print this off and bring it to the Scout Shop.  That’s all there is to it! ?

Other Internet Advancement 2.0 Features

 If you want to find out what awards/advancements a youth has, click on their name and look under the approved tab.  This will show everything that has been entered into the system.

If you want to run an advancement report for multiple youth, select each name you want to include in the report.  Then select “advancement history” under the run reports tab.  A new window will open, click the x to remove the date and then click run report.  A report will come up showing all advancements each individual has earned.

If you want to see a complete unit roster, including adult leaders, click on “unit roster” under the “run reports” tab.

If you want to access previous advancement reports, click on “reports” on the gray column on the left-hand side of the screen.

Note*****This is a new system and we are trying our best to make sure you have a smooth process entering your awards.  If you are running into problems, please do not hesitate to call or come in and we will do our best to help you.

BSA Safety Moment: Hazard Trees

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