2019 LEDR


Leadership Excellence – Direct Results

August 11-17, 2019
An exciting and educational week-long program, helping young men and women ages 15-20 years old connect with and become leaders in their community.
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LEDR is designed to highlight the need for continued support of older youth by providing them with training in “applicable leadership” and development for entry into the workforce.
LEDR components have been selected to highlight “life skill” areas not easily obtained through general education. Some of these areas include Government, Environmental, Criminal Justice, Education, Healthcare, and Communications.
LEDR participants are provided with educational and vocational exposure to governmental leaders, corporations, educational institutions, community and environmental issues through broad view activities that support the current needs of out communities, in a fun and personal setting.
LEDR participants will also take part in personal community service projects that will teach them the key aspects of the LEDR program, as well as personal responsibility.
LEDR now has:
  • 301 alumni from all 21 NJ Counties – all accepted to attend the week-long camp program at no cost to them or their parents
  • Provided almost $100,000 (now at $97,500) in additional scholarships
  • LEDR attendees and staff just topped 500,000 service hours over the past 7 years

100% of all donations go into the programs and can be provided through:

  • tef-ledr.org/donations.php
  • Our Annual Golf Outing: “Jersey Guys – FORE!”
  • Our ‘What’s So Cool About Manufacturing’ Video Contest