Order of the Arrow Unit Elections

The season of unit elections for the Order of the Arrow has started! With the implementation of chapters in Woapalanne Lodge, the Arrowmen of Patriots’ Path Council are moving toward holding unit elections in every unit in the council, and getting active members of Woapalanne Lodge more involved in the unit elections process. The lodge has been making great progress with unit elections so far, with a goal of holding unit elections in every unit in Patriots’ Path Council by the end of April. Getting involved with unit elections is a great way to start as a leader in our lodge while promoting and spreading the mission of the Order of the Arrow to Scouting peers not currently involved with the program.

With the exciting implementation of the Scouts BSA program beginning February 1, Venturing crews and Sea Scout ships will also now be able to hold unit elections for the Order of the Arrow. We can now spread the spirit of Cheerful Service to almost all participants in the Scouting program.

Any questions about unit elections or how to get involved, as well as to schedule an election, can be directed to Woapalanne Lodge’s Vice Chief of Administration, Carson Monks, at [email protected]; or to Administration Advisor Frank Caccavale at [email protected].