Rutgers Offers ‘Ask a Geologist’ Series

In light of recent events, the Rutgers Geology Museum is offering a new virtual series called “Ask A Geologist.”

These online sessions will occur biweekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During each event, a geologist will first introduce the day’s geologic topic and then answer the audience’s questions about it.

The next session is planned Tuesday, March 31, and will focus on volcanoes.

Events are primarily aimed at elementary- and middle school-aged children, but all ages are welcome to join and learn something new!

A complete schedule of events can be found on the museum website:

After the event ends, a video recording of the event will also be posted on this webpage.

Guests can send in their questions ahead of time using the following link:

The link to tune in to the events:

News and updates will be posted on the following social media sites: