Flintlocks Building Mobile Sleeping Quarters Trailer

The Flintlocks are constructing a mobile sleeping quarters trailer for Camp Winnebago. The camp staff can move this trailer to where it needs more housing during the busy summer camp season, then put it away for the winter. The trailer will have four rooms with a double bunk bed in each room, so it will sleep eight. This will be especially useful if there are mixed gender leaders: the women or men can have private quarters without sleeping in a tent.

The Flintlocks, a group of retired Scouters, work at Camp Winnebago every Thursday and have a lot of fun. Guests are always welcome. The Flintlocks are able to contribute their skills to the Patriot’s Path Council, and save the council needed funds. To purchase a trailer like this would cost $150,000, but the Flintlocks can build it for a modest $15,000 worth of lumber and materials only.

For more information, visit the Facebook page “Flintlocks” or contact  Flintlocks Secretary Dr. Michael Hart at drmhart@yahoo.com.

The mobile sleeping quarters trailer begins to take shape.

Al Thomas and George Van Dyke work on the trailer base.

Pictured from left are Jim Pipala, Frank Wallace, John Kazazis, George Van Dyke and Chris Kennett working on the mobile sleeping quarters trailer for Camp Winnebago.

Jack Trainor, at right, joins, from left, Frank, Chris, John, Jim and George during the building of the mobile sleeping quarters trailer.