NYLT – National Youth Leadership Training

BE, KNOW, DO – what every leader needs to be. NYLT is the only council-wide youth training program that is not designed to be program specific.  NYLT is a rigorous youth leadership training program that provides skills for life and is designed to benefit and enhance the leadership teams of troops, ships and Venturing crews.  It is fun, challenging and informative. Throughout the week, Scouts will learn different leadership skills and how to develop stronger teams. With the undertone of be, know, do happening throughout the course, each Scout who completes the course will have a better understanding of the importance of leadership in their home unit and the benefits learned will become a staple throughout their collegiate and career experiences.

There are three courses to choose from, June 30 – July 6, August 4-10, and two weekends in November, the 8-10, and 15-17.