Implementation Details for Females Entering Scouts BSA

Fellow Scouters,
In anticipation of the new membership rules taking effect next year, National is announcing a one-time opportunity for new members joining after the age of 16 to advance to the Eagle rank.  (Please see the attached.)

Advancement is one of the methods by which the Scouting program works to build character and forge responsible, participating citizens.  Whenever and however young people join, it is our responsibility to deliver the program and help them achieve their goals.  I know that the dedicated volunteers and professionals of the Patriots’ Path Council are determined and dedicated to support all youth members today and into the future.

It will be our task, first, to provide the opportunity to advance at each Scout’s desired pace, and second, to ensure that each and every Eagle candidate who fully meets the requirements as specified by National is given appropriate attention.  The trail is long, hard, each challenge teaches a lesson, and teaches leadership.  Every Eagle trail is unique, and must be uniquely celebrated.  Whether joining next February as a 17 year old, or having gone through the program since a Tiger (…or Lion!), every Eagle in the coming years should feel personal pride…and will reflect positively on those in the unit, district and council whose hard work made the opportunity possible.


The challenge is in front of us…let’s get to work, together!

Yours in Scouting,

Michael Merritt

Chair, Advancement Committee

Patriots’ Path Council