VEX (Venturing, Exploring, Xperience) Committee To Hosts its Annual Membership Challenge

The VEX (Venturing, Exploring, Xperience) committee hosts a membership challenge for our older youth programs. This challenge was taken up to help our older youth units in Venturing, Exploring, and Sea Scouting with hosting open houses through promotional materials and a small token for someone joining a unit. This has proven to be successful in the past with welcoming new members into our programs and council.

The order form can be found on the VEX committee web page and offers Venturers and Explorers recruitment fliers and yard signs to help them advertise open houses and help get the word out on their program. We have seen several new Exploring programs and some new Venturing crews started thanks to these materials. As a way of helping with an open house we’ve invited youth to bring a friend to camp to experience a small taste of what our programs have to offer.

As we look to the future some changes are needed to grow our membership challenge. Those changes involve the formation of a new Venturing & Exploring committee with a mission to help units in any way we can. As we welcome girls into our rich and storied BSA history, we too need to look to change as a way to continue growing.

For more information, please contact VEX Chairman, Jeff Hostak at