There are a variety of steps that can boost your fall recruitment. The attached “Back Dated Steps for Fall Recruiting” lists these steps and back dates them based on the date of your fall recruitment event.
But nothing can be promoted until the date, time and location of your event is confirmed. Some organizations are very slow to reply to your request for meeting space, so it is best to submit your
request now. The sooner that you can confirm the details, the sooner that steps can be taken to promote the event.
On the attached “Back Dated Steps”, if you enter the date for your recruitment event, the formulas will autofill the suggested dates for completing the steps. The dates are just suggestions but this is designed to be sure that you don’t miss deadlines and steps are taken far enough in advance to have an impact.
Some steps may not apply to your pack (like mailing an invitation) but are listed to be thorough. Delegating the steps to a number of parents can lighten the load for everyone but one person should keep track of everyone’s progress. Many of these can be done by a parent who is not yet helping out with your pack.
Download the customized backdating sheet at: