Have Some Down Time This Summer? Update Your BeAScout Pin!

It’s so important to have an up to date BeAScout pin for your unit.  Why? Well, we run media ads, promotions, and direct interested families to this centralized website. New families want to know the latest and greatest about your unit.


It’s also important to check to see what genders your pack is serving.  Once you turn in your Family Scouting Designation Form, units accepting girls get directions on how to apply that on their pin.


We all need to make sure the contact information is correct, meeting time is current, and links go to current web pages.


Finally, be sure there is an active volunteer checking for new leads/ interested families.


To learn how to update your pin, https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/BeAScout_UnitPin_Management.pdf


For assistance please contact your Unit Service Executive, Marc Maratea at 973.900.0919 or

marc.maratea@scouting.org or Charlean Mahon at 973.524.4459 or charlean.mahon@scouting.org.