Adventure Cards in Full Affect

Have you always wanted a great way for your Scouts to build sportsmanship, raise funds for camping and program registration and learn financial responsibility? Does your unit love our annual popcorn sale? Or it is not your choice of movie snack? Wellll… no problem! Adventure Cards bring a new fundraising option for your Scouts. The 2018 Adventure Card booklet is hosted by Entertainment Book which provides hundreds of coupons across the nation! Each card has its own access code which unlocks thousands of dollars in savings on the Entertainment Book’s mobile App: “SaversGuide”.

Once a Scout sells at least 25 Adventure Cards they can submit a form for our Adventure Card Contest: Strive for 25. So far, our Scouts are doing great! We congratulate Thomas S. from Troop 1 in the Black River District, he was the first place winner in the 5th week of Strive For 25 Adventure Card Contest. As well as Alex C. from Troop 119 in Raritan Valley District, who was the second place winner in the 5th week of Strive For 25 Adventure Card Contest.  And Scott C. from Troop 113 in Black River who was our winner in the 6th week of Strive For 25 Adventure Card Contest.

Scouts can learn financial responsibility and how they can help “pay their way” by selling Adventure Cards. When making a sale of Adventure Cards we ask you fill out an order form and send it into the Cedar Knolls Service Center by email, fax or visiting us during business hours. For units who have never sold Adventure Cards we recommend up to 5 cards per Scout to start off with. Once you receive your orders start selling.. and saving!

Keep up the good work!

For more information or to place an order for Adventure Cards please click here: