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Our Most Popular Eagle Scout Gifts!

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Eagle Scout Paper/Party Goods

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Boy Scout Coil Bound Handbooks are Back in Stock!

Boy Scout Coil Bound Handbooks are back in stock!

Item# 644786, $17.99

Stop by to get yours now!

Can’t get to the Scout Shop? Place an order through our Personal Shopper service at or (Shipping/Handling fees may apply)

Recruiting at the Youth Fishing Challenge

Black River District will run a site for the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Youth Fishing Challenge.  We will be at Parks Lake in Rockaway on Saturday, June 9th from 8:00 am to noon.  This is a statewide “free fishing” day – no licenses required.  Encourage members of your pack or troop to attend and bring a friend.  Boys and girls who join Scouting that day will receive a free fishing kit.  Register at  For information contact,, 973-765-9322 x229. Prizes will be awarded!

Popcorn Sales Updates & Events

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Popcorn Kickoff/Training Dates:

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2018 RV Spring Green Bar Camporee

The Raritan Valley district held their fifth annual ‘Green Bar Camporee’, on April 20, 21, and 22 in the Scout camping area of the Watchung Reservation.

The camporee was hosted by the Flint & Steel Assoc., celebrating its 95th anniversary in service to Scouting.

Don Androwski served as chairman for the event, with senior Scouts from Troops 12, 44, 186, & 66 who planned and executed the activities.

Over 150 Scouts and Scouters enjoyed a picture-perfect weekend to practice their Scouting skills. What makes this camporee unique is that the senior Scouts do all the planning, instruction and judging of the junior Scouts. It is a great opportunity for the junior Scouts to practice their skills in fire building, first aid, compass, and lashing to mention a few. The senior Scouts are able to work on their instruction skills and pass along some of the skills that they had learned.

Congratulations to Troops 5, 6, 12, 42, 44, 66, 88, 106, 124, 125, 127, 186, 207

Adventure Cards in Full Affect

Have you always wanted a great way for your Scouts to build sportsmanship, raise funds for camping and program registration and learn financial responsibility? Does your unit love our annual popcorn sale? Or it is not your choice of movie snack? Wellll… no problem! Adventure Cards bring a new fundraising option for your Scouts. The 2018 Adventure Card booklet is hosted by Entertainment Book which provides hundreds of coupons across the nation! Each card has its own access code which unlocks thousands of dollars in savings on the Entertainment Book’s mobile App: “SaversGuide”.

Once a Scout sells at least 25 Adventure Cards they can submit a form for our Adventure Card Contest: Strive for 25. So far, our Scouts are doing great! We congratulate Thomas S. from Troop 1 in the Black River District, he was the first place winner in the 5th week of Strive For 25 Adventure Card Contest. As well as Alex C. from Troop 119 in Raritan Valley District, who was the second place winner in the 5th week of Strive For 25 Adventure Card Contest.  And Scott C. from Troop 113 in Black River who was our winner in the 6th week of Strive For 25 Adventure Card Contest.

Scouts can learn financial responsibility and how they can help “pay their way” by selling Adventure Cards. When making a sale of Adventure Cards we ask you fill out an order form and send it into the Cedar Knolls Service Center by email, fax or visiting us during business hours. For units who have never sold Adventure Cards we recommend up to 5 cards per Scout to start off with. Once you receive your orders start selling.. and saving!

Keep up the good work!

For more information or to place an order for Adventure Cards please click here:

Are You Prepared to Integrate Lions Into Your Cub Scout Pack?

The National Executive Committee and Board voted that the Lion pilot has proven successful and is ready to officially join the Cub Scouting family!


Research and feedback says…


Developing character is the #1 reason to join Scouting, according to parents.

  • 61% of Lion youth are new families to Scouting!
  • Lions grew over 50% nationally over the last 12 months.
  • More than 91% of councils have been involved in the Lion pilot during 2017-2018.
  • 75% of new parents take on leadership roles. Roles include assistant den leader, committee member, assistant Cubmaster and more.
  • Read on to learn all of the latest updates and understand how to best integrate Lions into Cub Scouting.


When does the pilot stop and Lions become part of Cub Scouting?


At the end of the 2017-2018 school year. Lions will officially kick off as a new Cub Scout rank for fall of 2018.


Do we still use the word “Cub” for Lions?


To simplify things and be consistent, Cub Scouting no longer uses the term Tiger Cubs or Lion Cubs. The youth are simply called Lions or Tigers.


Can we register Lions for the fall now?


The Lions program starts with spring recruitment in the spring of 2018.


With Lions now being the first offering in Cub Scouting, will Bobcat stay in Tigers or move to Lions?


Bobcat is staying in Tigers and will remain as it is currently run in the program.


Do den chiefs work with Lions?


Den chiefs can work with those in the following Cub Scouting ranks: Bears, Wolves and Webelos. Lions and Tigers do not have den chiefs. Since an adult partner is required, the den chiefs are reserved for the older ranks.


With the new Lion merchandise available this summer, can families purchase these items?


Yes. Lions who have earned the various adventure loops and/or Lion rank patch are welcome to purchase these items.


What’s new for Lions?

Lion materials have been updated to reflect the needs of both boys and girls. All girl dens or all boy dens are welcome. Images are being updated on the Lion website and we will continue to share more images for your local use.


Lions will now have more resources similar to other Cub Scout ranks. These will arrive in our Scout Shops this summer in preparation for the fall start.


Parents now have more flexibility with deciding when to begin Lion fundraising. It’s also a family’s choice as to how many pack meetings they attend based on their family’s schedule.


Additional New Items Available

  • The Lion Parent and Leader Guidebook will have a new cover. It will still be available for parents and leaders all wrapped together in the Lion kit.
  • The youth handbook will get a new cover. Previously called the Youth Adventure Book, it is now called the Lion Cub Scout Handbook. This update will be consistent with the other Cub Scout ranks.
  • A new rank strip patch is also arriving. It will provide for better placement when a Lion moves to Tigers and beyond. The previous diamond patch will be discounted as stock runs out. The new rank patch can be placed on the T-shirt over their heart.


Stickers are still available for the youth to place in their Lion Cub Scout Handbook immediately as they complete an adventure. However, new adventure loops will be available just as they are available for the other Cub Scout ranks. These can be awarded during pack meetings or as the pack traditionally awards them to the youth.


Because Lions will now have adventure loops, they will also begin wearing their Cub Scout belt to proudly display their earned awards. Your den may also be interested in the single Lion rank pocket card or the multi sheet pocket card. Another item available will be the Lion advancement chart.


In the adventure of Gizmos and Gadgets a new activity was added for a new yellow/gold neckerchief and slide. These would be awarded after the adventure is complete, according to the desire of the advancement chair and den leader.


What’s not changing for Lions?

  • The T-shirt is loved by children and parents, alike. The youth enjoy the comfort and fun of the Lion T-shirt, while the parents love the price point and cute character. The T-shirt remains the official Lion uniform. The cap is still an optional item.
  • The Lion curriculum is still the same fun and energetic program. Pinewood Derby was added last year.
  • As mentioned above, the Lion Parent and Leader Guidebook will still be available for parents and leaders all wrapped together in the Lion kit, which includes:
  • Lion stickers
  • Lion Cub Scout Handbook
  • Lion Parent and Den Leader Guide
  • Youth Protection, How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide – newly added for Lions. But the version is the same as it is for the rest of Cub Scouts.
  • The Lion website is still the same, complete with all the program resources you need, including PowerPoints, videos, recruitment flyers, image link, FAQs, and more. All resources will be updated by the end of May.


Have questions about Lions not mentioned here? Please contact your membership executive at 973-765-9322.

Upcoming Den Chief Training

The next Den Chief Training class in on Saturday, May 19, from 1-4 pm at the council service center in Cedar Knolls. Please encourage any Scouts who currently have den chief assignments but are not yet trained, as well as any Scouts who will or may be serving as den chiefs in the fall, to take this class. Sign up at

Free Supplies Available to You for Spring Recruitment

Did you know the council membership committee has plenty of free supplies and materials to assist with your spring recruitment efforts?

We can make you flyers at no cost for Lions, Family Scouting, or traditional flyers in black and white.

We have lawn signs, cardboard Scout cut outs for flyer distribution, an inflatable Scout and more!

You can also borrow a popcorn machine to give out free popcorn at your recruitment event.

Need an activity do at your pack open house?  We have STEM kits, fishing kits, and archery set up, rain gutter regatta, and a Pinewood derby track that can be borrowed to bring excitement to your recruitment.

All of these materials are supplied by the many generous Friends of Scouting (FOS) donations families like you provide to Patriots’ Path Council.

For reservation and order forms, please visit


For questions or assistance with your recruitment efforts, please contact your membership team; Al Thomas at for Black River, Fishawack, and Sussex Districts or Javier Juarez at for Raritan Valley, Munsee, and Watching Mountain districts.