2018 Munsee Pinewood Derby Results

This past Saturday, March 3, at Cranford United Methodist Church you could hear the sounds of wheels spinning, cheering, and the anticipation of racing.  It was time for the Munsee District Annual Pinewood Derby. Seventy-one racers entered and three young men finished as the district’s overall fastest.

Races this year were held for Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos and Arrow of Light.  Fastest in each age group received trophies.  We also held a parent and sibling race.

Division Winners:

Lion                Reid Weissberg        Springfield     Pack 73

Tiger               Logan McArthur      Clark               Pack 30

Wolf                Matthew Gaspar      Elizabeth       Pack 101

Bear                Ethan Macnab          Cranford       Pack 103

Webelos        Michael Hamilton    Fords –           Pack 53

AOL                Dylan Macnab          Cranford        Pack 103

Daisy              Calina Mortimer      Cranford                    75

Brownie         Alexis Meshinsky     Clark              Troop 40564

Junior             Ethan Wall               Cranford                    103

Open              Keith Muccigrosso   Cranford        Pack 103

A special thank you to all the volunteers who helped to make this a great event.

  • Will Adams (registration)
  • Margaret Begley (Pinewood Cafe)
  • Arthur Hrycak (track operations, judging, Pinewood Cafe)
  • Margaret Hrycak Pinewood Cafe
  • Michael Hrycak (track operations and breakdown
  • Orest Hrycak (Event Chair, MC extraordinaire)
  • Peter Hrycak (track operations, judging)
  • Eric Kimball (registration, track operations and judging)
  • Paul Kimball (organization and support)
  • James Mortimer (registration)
  • Dan Ritter (track setup)
  • Aaron Rogers (track setup, operations, and breakdown as well as judging)
  • Jen Rogers (organizing, shopping, baking, and setting up)
  • Leah Rogers (Pinewood Cafe)
  • Ron Scores (track setup)
  • Pete Stevens (track setup, registration, track operations)
  • Dan Turano (registration)
  • (Troop 75 Boy Scout Scott Weichert)