AmazonSmile Triple Rewards

Three times your impact! Amazon is tripling the donation rate on your first purchase – through March 31! Go to and Amazon donates to Patriots’ Path Council, Boy Scouts of America.

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If successful, Amazon should tell you that you are “Supporting: Patriots’ Path Council, Boy Scouts of America”:

3.13.18 AmazonSmile Triple Rewards

You are now smiling as you shop and supporting your local Scouting!

Please remember to type “Smile” in your search bar instead of “Amazon” whenever you open your Amazon account to make a purchase.  The search bar should autocomplete and take you to your Amazon account.  Your shopping should be the same as ever, except you will see 3.13.18 AmazonSmile Triple Rewards 1 instead of 3.13.18 AmazonSmile Triple Rewards 2.


PS: Spread the word!  Include the gif below with the embedded url in your signature block and/or forward this entire message to friends and relatives.  Anyone, anywhere can contribute.  We’ve contacted several thousand of our PPC friends, but you know people that we don’t.

Yours in Scouting,

Mitch Erickson

Revenue Development Committee

Patriots’ Path Council, BSA