Wood Badge: 15th Annual “Dining Out” Brunch

Mayfair Farms
481 Eagle Rock Ave, West Orange, NJ

Saturday, January 20, 2018, 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

 Special Guest Speaker: Bryan Wilson, M.D.

 Cost:   $35.00 per Wood Badger

$25.00 per Non-Wood Badge Guest

$10.00 per Child

 Register online: http://www.nnjbsa.org/event/2282217

The idea of a “Dining-Out” was adopted many years ago by the British Army and is a long standing tradition in regimental messes. Lt. General Robert Baden-Powell, the Founder of Scouting, retired from the British Army in 1910, most likely participated in many social Dining-Out events, which are open to non-members, including spouses and friends.

 There will be a Wood Badge Beading presentation to some Wood Badgers who have completed their tickets from course N5-333-16 (and there’s room for more!)

 There will also be a Silent Auction to benefit the Wood Badge Scholarship Fund.

 All of the money raised from the silent auction goes towards Wood Badge scholarships that are available for Scouters of Northern New Jersey and Patriots’ Path Councils. Having scholarship funds available can make a difference in a Scouter’s ability to take the course. So if you have anything you would like to donate to the silent auction, please let Robin know (rcaiazzo2@gmail.com) so she can prepare a write up about your donation, then you should bring the item with you to the Dining Out. It doesn’t have to be Wood Badge or Scouting related, just something other Scouters will bid on to increase our Wood Badge scholarship fund.

 Non-Wood Badgers, Wood Badge “critters” and guests (from any council) are invited to join us for fun, food, and fellowship.  Bring a Scouting friend who wants to learn more about Wood Badge!