New Recharter FAQ’s

In a constant desire to make life simpler for our volunteers, the national office has been working effortlessly on making the internet rechartering website more user friendly.

On Monday, October 2nd the new website went live, replacing the old website. A PDF of screenshots can be found here Internet Rechartering Website with Screenshots.

Click here for some FAQ’s BSA Internet Rechartering FAQ’s

The web address remains the same as before, which can either be found here Internet Rechartering Website or by following > ‘Membership’ tab > ‘Internet Rechartering’.  Anyone who started their recharter on Sunday, October 1st will notice the new format, the next time they log in, if they haven’t already.

The unit processor or processor is referenced a few times throughout the website, and the screenshots. That termed is referring the person in the unit responsible the processing of the charter, either manually or online.

This year, the rechartering website will have the capability of allowing digital signature. The processor will be able to give access to the charter organization representative or the executive officer, assuming the processor holds neither of these positions, to sign the charter electronically. If this is not an option the processor can still print the charter renewal application and have either the charter organization representative, or the executive officer manually sign the paperwork.

***Note: When the charter is signed electronically, this signature will not appear on the printed charter renewal application. Instead, the renewal application will show the approver’s name, title, initials, and date signed.

When you get towards the end of the process and before you submit the recharter electronically, you may have the option to pay with a credit card. If you pay online there are a few things you’ll need to know.

  1. The BSA will not be absorbing the credit card transaction fee.
    1. This means a 3% convenience fee will be charged to the credit card being used.
  1. The BSA is only collecting the registration fee of $33.00 per person, the charter fee of $40.00 per charter, and if applicable the optional $12.00 Boy’s Life subscription per person.
    1. The unit will still owe the council the additional payment of
      1. $12.00 per youth and adult for insurance
      2. $18.00 per youth for activity

******IMPORTANT NOTE……If you pay the registration, charter, Boy’s Life subscription online to national, and then the insurance and activity fee to the council, please deduct $40.00 from the check written to council. You will have already paid this directly to national.

If you decide to skip the online payment option, or the option is not yet available, please follow the fee structure in the 2018 Fee Calculator (click here), which matches the one sent out with the 2018 recharter email in the beginning of September.

Either payment method you decide on, Patriots’ Path Council stills needs a printed copy of your charter paperwork, as it always has in the past.