Welcome Back Ian Craig!

Returning for his 8th summer organizing the SAC Trek Program, Ian Craig is very excited for the 2018 season! He has been involved with BSA summer trekking programs in the Adirondacks for 10+ years and the BSA National Camping School Trek Leader (Voyageur) program as a staff member for 11 years. An Eagle Scout originally from Western NY, he has been registered with the same troop for 26 years! He is proud to call the Adirondacks home and loves to find new waterways and trails to explore whenever he can. Finding a new corner of the Adirondacks to send SAC treks is a true passion for him. One of his most memorable moments in Scouting came just this past summer when his six year old son begged for the chance to stay overnight at Sabattis Adventure Camp and paddle on Bear Pond with the Voyageurs. Providing proof that SAC and the people who staff, attend, and support the camp are leaving outstanding impressions on visitors of any age!