Scout Executive Letter on Charter Renewal Process

Below are the key points for this year’s charter renewal process.

  1. The 2018 recharter season has arrived. Your district’s Key 3 have agreed to supply you with the recharter packet online instead of receiving it at the September roundtables. In this letter is everything you’ll need to get started online. If you have any questions about the online recharter process, please reach out to your district commissioner.
  2. Each individual youth and adult membership ID number can be found on their membership card. Encourage your members to retain their individual cards. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you make a copy of all cards for future reference.
    1. Individuals will receive membership ID cards reflecting the paid registration position in a unit. Individuals holding multiple positions within a unit or between several units will only receive a membership card for the paid registration. For example: a registrant who is paid as a Cubmaster and also holds an assistant Scoutmaster position will receive the Cubmaster card only.
    2. The membership ID numbers are unique to each youth and leader registered and are required to register for summer camp, and all online and Patriots’ Path Council in person training courses.
    3. Please have each adult log into their account and update their profile. They should add Patriots’ Path Council #358 and the membership ID number found on their membership card. This will ensure that all training completed online will be recorded automatically in their person profile at council.

For the full letter, click here.