Show and Sell:
Show and Sell orders were due August 3.  Show and Sell pick up is August 19.  If your unit cannot pick up on that date contact Mark Spaldo directly at mark.spaldo@scouting.org.

Secure your Show and Sell Locations: Sample Request Letter
Tips for your Show and Sell Sale:  Plan Your Show and Sell

Popcorn trainings are continuing throughout council.  Learn about the products and the new incentives for 2017.  Take home your unit’s $750 club prize (can only be picked up at one of the listed training sessions).  We will take you step by step through the popcorn system.  These are the only trainings that qualify for the 3% commission for the unit kernel being trained.  Register now:  ppbsa.doubleknot.com/event/2097922

Check out the 2017 Products

See the 2017 Prizes

Never sold popcorn or want to start selling again? It’s not too late!  We can tell you how the sale works and train you, your leaders and your Scouts!   It’s easy to get your unit started – contact Mark Spaldo at 973.765.9322 X 251 or mark.spaldo@scouting.org

JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP!  Get the latest popcorn updates, share best practices and ideas, and ask questions.  Search for: Patriots’ Path Council Popcorn or click:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1291256864223809/   Once you find the group-select JOIN GROUP to be added as a member.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE 2017 POPCORN SALE?  Contact Mark Spaldo at:  973.765.9322 X 251 or mark.spaldo@scouting.org