New! Eclipse Badge


New! Eclipse badge is now available!  Part #641563.

Pre-order yours today, only $1.99! Great summertime pack award or troop camping idea. For more info, visit the link at

The requirements to earn the BSA 2017 Solar Eclipse patch are simple:
1. Locate a site suitable for viewing either the total eclipse or the partial eclipse.
2. Describe how to safely view the eclipse.
3. Discuss with your group what you saw and felt during the eclipse. If you can, post your comments and eclipse photos on social media with the hashtag #BSAEclipse2017.

Do the following:

  1. Cub Scouts—Discuss what a solar eclipse is with your leaders.
  2. Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts—Draw a diagram of the positions of the moon, earth, and sun to show how the solar eclipse happens.
  3. Venturers and Sea Scouts—Research Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington’s 1919 experiment and discuss how it confirmed Einstein’s theory of general relativity.