The Commissioner’s Corner – Highest District Honor bestowed to Unit Commissioner

Munsee District has a lot to be proud about as it awarded the District Award of Merit to Steve Kurland one of its Unit Commissioners during its Annual Awards Dinner. The District Award of Merit is the highest award a District can bestow upon a volunteer Scouter and is given to one who renders service of an outstanding nature.

What made this particular award even more special is that a Cub Scout Unit leader nominated Steve. Dan Turano, the District Commissioner exclaimed that “in my 28 years as a Scouter this is the first time that I am aware of where a unit leader nominated a Scouter for this award”.

The Cubmaster of Pack 47 in Rahway spoke about how Steve enabled the Pack to thrive because of his support. “Wanting to quit when things were not going as well as anticipated, Steve supported me to keep going, telling me that I was the glue that held Pack 47 together”.

The Cubmaster states that Steve has gone above and beyond to make sure the transition into Scouting has been easier. “Steve has believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. He is always readily available to help, direct and find me answers even when he doesn’t have them. He has been a brother Scout to me, helped me through my years of Scouting and mold me into the leader I am today. Steve Kurland deserves recognition for his ability to make unit leaders feel more than capable of wearing all the hats they wear, for supporting units and cheering us on”.

As Council Commissioner I know Steve personally. He is a true Servant Leader and has a deep willingness to help and a strong passion for scouting. We all congratulate him and are proud he is part of the Commissioner Corps. He exemplifies what a Unit Commissioner is and what they can provide for a Unit.

Thanks Steve

Yours in Scouting
Emil Rufolo
Council Commissioner
Patriots’ Path Council