The Commissioner’s Corner – May

The Trail to Excellence

What do you want your child to get out of Scouting? As parents, I believe we look for our children to obtain the most out of anything they do, to help them succeed in life and be happy at it.

So, what does Scouting have to help units build a great program? It is called Journey to Excellence (JTE).

Units have a lot to manage. Membership, training, Youth Protection, program, finance, advancement, recruitment, retention, and this is all before you go on any sort of outdoor adventure. The fact is units need your help. They need to effectively develop and utilize resources. They need to set goals and have a vision. As the National Youth Leadership Training program instills in its participants “If you can see it, you can be it.” But how does JTE support units to be the most effective in all these things?

JTE can provide a framework for planning your Scouting year. At each level (Cub, Scout, Venturing) objectives are established in: finance planning and budget, membership retention and growth, program, including advancement and community service, and leadership and governance, which looks at leadership training, planning and effectiveness of committees.

JTE helps to identify strengths and weaknesses giving insight on how and where to improve. Giving others a clear idea of where you need support will allow them to understand what is being asked of them. People want to help but don’t usually because they are unsure of the commitment.
Using JTE will help clarify that commitment. Use JTE as an early warning of potential problem areas. Use it as a tool not only to look past but also to look forward, to set goals to improve your program.

Start JTE tracking early, don’t wait. An adult in your unit may enjoy using a computer and may step up to keep the JTE current. This is important to the district and council as it allows us to gauge how units are doing. It helps us to utilize our resources more effectively.

If you need support with JTE, talk to your unit commissioner. They make the difference.

We want the best for our children. We want our children to have fun, grow and achieve. To provide units with a tool to develop the best opportunities for youths in Scouting may just be JTE. But you must use it for it to work. It takes a little effort, but anything worth it does.

Next month topic “Council Finance”.

Yours in Scouting,

Emil Rufolo
Council Commissioner
Patriots’ Path Council