Sea Scouts To Host Open House on June 17!

All are invited to the Sea Scout Open House being held on June 17th at the Patriot’s Path Council Sea Scout Base located at 4400 Tremley Point Rd. Linden, NJ 07036.   Times are below:

10:00 AM – Demonstrations and Tours
11:30 AM – Barge BBQ
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Boat Rides

Check out the flyer.

Ship 243 is proudly sponsored by Rahway Elks Lodge #1075, Rahway, NJ and Ship 228 is proudly sponsored by Rahway Yacht Club, Rahway, NJ who will be conducting the event for anyone who is interested in learning more about Sea Scouting.

Stop by and see what Sea Scouting can offer. Learn life skills like navigation, seamanship and engine maintenance. The fleet of boats ranging from small outboards and sail boats to 65 feet long vessels will be on display.

The ships take many cruises during the season to ports like Sandy Hook, NJ; West Point, NY and Block Island, Mass. As well as road trips to maritime colleges like SUNY in New York. The program is opened to boys and girls ages 14 to 21.

For More Information:
Visit Facebook page: Sea Scout Ship 243 Sea Horse Rahway, NJ
Or email: Skipper Robert Meseck at
Visit Facebook page: Sea Scout Ship 228-Sea Dart II
Or email: Skipper James Zatwarnnicki at

About Patriots’ Path Council Sea Scouting in Munsee District.

Sea Scouting was established in 1912 as the nautical branch of the Boy Scouts of America.  The program serves to promote the values set forth in the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and Sea Scout Promise while also developing skills in areas related to boating such as navigation, sailing, engine maintenance, and seamanship.  Sea Scouting previously existed as part of the BSA’s Exploring and then Venturing program, but now stands as it’s own division of the BSA with a unique set of ranks and awards.

Patriot’s Path Council has a long history of Sea Scouting, The Sea Scout Base in Linden, NJ has served as home to many ships over the past several decades, with Ships 228 and 243 currently calling it their homeport.  The base offers many unique resources to the program including both large and small sailboats, small motor boats, and canoes.  However, the centerpieces of the base are the two 65-foot training vessels, the Sea Dart II and the Sea Horse.  The Sea Dart II was built in 1953 for the US Army and originally intended for use in the Korean War.  It never saw service overseas, but has served most of its life as a Sea Scout training vessel.  The Sea Horse is a Vietnam War era Navy patrol boat, which also holds the distinction of having carried the Olympic torch in 1980 for the Lake Placid, NY games.  These vessels are the two largest Sea Scout training vessels on the East Coast of the United States, which makes them an important asset to Scouts in both Patriots’ Path Council and the Northeast Region.

Sea Scouting is a co-ed program offering an exciting and unique experience for youth ages 14-21.  It also holds the opportunity for traveling, learning new skills, and making friendships that can last a lifetime.  Every day offers a new chance to cast off the lines and set sail for a new adventure with the Sea Scouts!