Backwoods Engineering Rope Bridge at Camporee!


1,000 Scouts Cross the Backwoods Engineering Camp’s 100’ Rope Bridge at the NJ State Police National Guard Camporee!

The staff of the Backwoods Engineering Camp at Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation constructed a 100’ rope bridge at the recently concluded NJ State Police National Guard Camporee held in Sea Girt, NJ. Approximately 1,000 Scouts crossed the bridge, and a good time was had by all. The bridge, pictured above, had a clear span of 100’ and was built to a cable stay design. It was constructed entirely using knots and lashings, with no nuts, bolts, or nails used in its construction. Some of the materials used to construct the bridge include: 3000’ of ½” diameter rope, 1500’ of ¼” diameter rope, 100 wooden spars, 40 circus tent stakes, and 20 pulleys. Before constructing the bridge, members of the Backwoods Engineering staff made stress calculations to ensure that the bridge could safely endure rigorous use.

The Backwoods Engineering Camp is a weeklong camp for individual Scouts that is held every August at Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation in Stanhope, NJ. Participating Scouts learn engineering principles and then put them to use building large and complex projects with knots and lashings including: a 100’ bridge, a 50’ tower, a paddlewheel raft, a trebuchet, and a crane that can lift a truck.

This year’s Backwoods Engineering Camp will take place from August 13-19, 2017. The 100’ cable stayed bridge will be featured as one of this summer’s projects.  You can learn more about the Backwoods Engineering Camp and other Backwoods Engineering programs at Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation by visiting: .