2017 Patriots’ Path Council Jamboree Shoulder Patch Fundraising Set


The Limited Edition 2017 National Scout Jamboree Fundraising Set is now available. Patriots’ Path Council is sending 4 troops and venturing crews to this once in a lifetime event at The Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.

In keeping with our Jamboree tradition, Patriots’ Path Council is producing a special set of National Scout Jamboree Shoulder Patches (“JSPs”) for wear by those Scouts and Scouters attending the 2017 Jamboree. These patches will feature US naval warships with connections to the state of New Jersey. The center patch features the US Navy’s longest commissioned ship, the USS Constitution, “Old Ironsides.” The regular editions of these patches will be available to those Scouts and Scouters attending the Jamboree. In order to reduce the costs to the participating Scouts, the Patriots’ Path Council and the PPC Jamboree Committee have authorized the production of a special run of these patches featuring a distinctive silver mylar border. This special run will be limited in production to 100 sets. Once these sets are sold out, no more will be produced.

As a special bonus, the sets not only include the 6 Jamboree Council Shoulder Patches, they also include a ghost trader patch featuring the USS Enterprise, known as the “Grey Ghost,” and a similarly distinctive version of the lodge flap being issued by our Order of the Arrow lodge, Woapalanne 43, for the 2017 National Jamboree. Once again, only 100 of these patches will be issued and they will only be issued as part of the Jamboree Fundraising Set.

The regular issue Jamboree Shoulder Patches are also available to those purchasing the fundraising set. The set of 7 shoulder patches will be the very same patches worn by our council’s contingent to the 2017 National Scout Jamboree, including the staff patch, the special “grey ghost” trading patch, and the center patch.

Payment in full is required with all orders. Once produced, sets may be picked up at the council service center in Cedar Knolls, or will be shipped to you if desired – please add additional charge for insured shipping if you are not going to pick up your patches. Any artist renderings are proposals and the final designs are subject to change until the time of actual production.

All orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis. If your order is received after the sets are sold out, your payment will be refunded.

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