New Venturing Material in the Scout Shop

The Patriots’ Path Council Scout Shops are now carrying the new Venturing Advisors Guide and the new Venturing Awards Guide! Get your’s today in Cedar Knolls or Mountainside.

A great tool for any Venturing leader, from novice to seasoned advisor. The handbook guides Venturing leaders, committee members, and CORs toward a successful crew. Includes information on Venturing Basics, Methods of Venturing and Areas of Program Emphasis, and Program Resources and Administration.

It also answers questions such as:

  • What are the responsibilities of adult Advisors and youth leaders?
  • How will being an Advisor benefit me or others?
  • How do I support youth as they plan a fun program that fulfills their goals and interests?
  • Where can I get practical help for things that we need to do in our crew?