Jamboree Medical Staff

We are looking for qualified medical staff. Volunteers make the Jamboree go, no question about it. The 2017 Medical Services Leadership Team is looking for volunteers for the 2017 National Jamboree – health care professionals and medical support staff. There are openings for the following positions:

Physician Assistant
Advance Practice Nurse (NP, CNS)
Mental Health Professional
Clerk/Support Staff
Medical Information Technologist
Medical Supply Personnel

The Jamboree will run from July 19 – July 28, 2017 and will be held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. Staff dates are July 15-29, 2017. To register, please visit the Summit Bechtel Reserve 2017 Jamboree website: http://www.summitbsa.org/events/jamboree/overview/
There you will find more information and may register for a staff position online. When you register, please make sure you check “Administration-Medical Services/Clinical EMS” as your preferred staff position. You may elect to serve for the entire Jamboree term, or only a half term, depending on your availability.

For questions, send email to JamboMed@Scouting.Org or contact one of the key leaders directly by sending email to 2017JamboMed@gmail.com.

Jamboree Medical Staff is Jamboree Troop 9010.

Jamboree Medical Staff is primarily a facility-based operation. We have primary care facilities in the Base Camps and we have acute care facilities and Aid Stations scattered throughout the program areas. We also provide non-emergent medical transport between facilities. The Jamboree Health Lodge and the Ortho Clinic have x-ray capability.

Staff at these facilities is based on a team approach with clerical support staff, tech (EMTs at all levels), nurses, and providers (docs and advanced practice nurses). Aid Stations are staffed by 2-3 individuals, usually rotating every 4 hours. Aid stations are either ALS (at the water fronts) or BLS. The BLS stations are located at shooting sports (Barrels and Bows), the Oasis, The Rocks (climbing and rappelling), the Gateway, Garden Ground Mountain, and the Stage.

Medical Licensure and Medical Malpractice – You must register as a BSA Adult Leader and must register for the Jamboree. You must hold an active US State Medical or Health Board License in good standing. West Virginia has passed special legislation called the WV Code for Volunteer for Nonprofit Youth Organization Act. This allows you to submit the appropriate credentials (similar to a hospital) to the Summit Health Services Credentialing Committee. If there are no problems with your credentials and your state license is valid then you will receive a temporary WV permit to practice on Summit property for the duration of the Jamboree. After qualifying for the Summit Health Services Permit you will then be covered by BSA malpractice insurance.

More general Jamboree information can be found at