May Tribute Fund Contributions

By making a contribution to the Patriots’ Path Council’s tribute fund, you can express your feelings to the entire alumni, friends, and membership of the Patriots’ Path Council.

There are several opportunities available to send a tribute to someone. You can congratulate an Eagle Scout, celebrate an anniversary or a birthday, remember a friend or a loved one, or a simple “get well” for someone who is ill. A tribute card is sent to the person, organization, or family, and an acknowledgement is sent to the contributor. All donations are put into our adventureship endowment fund where the interest earned is used to help Scouts attend camp, high adventure activites, or trainings.

Below are the tributes received during the month of May:

David Setzer in memory of Elvira Budesheim

Charles Boucher in memory of W. M. Boucher

Dennis Kohl in memory of Louise Favale

Alan Gotliffe in memory of Elvira Budesheim

Cecelia and John Kennedy in memory of “Mom” of the Phakey family

Jean and Ed Fiedler in memory of Katherine Rauch

Chris Szymczak in honor of Dylan Scheidle

Dennis Kohl congratulations to Amanda Landwehrle

If you wish to make a contribution to the Patriots’ Path Council’s tribute fund, contact George Hemenetz at 973.765.9322 x235 or